Exploring Off-Road Parks and Trails in New York

Explore off-road parks & trails in New York for an adventure like no other! From ATV trails to 4x4 off-road parks, there are plenty of places to explore & enjoy the outdoors.

Exploring Off-Road Parks and Trails in New York

New York is a state full of attractions, from world-class Broadway works of art and musicals to gigantic baseball stadiums and tourist attractions. But if you're looking for a different kind of adventure, you can explore the off-road parks and trails that the state has to offer. From ATV trails to 4x4 off-road parks, there are plenty of places to explore and enjoy the outdoors. Tall Pines ATV Park and Demon Run ATV Trails are two of the most popular off-road parks in New York.

Both offer one and two-day trips that include hiking remote logging trails, climbing to a 3,200-foot summit, and eating and spending a night in the mountains. You can also enjoy a full day of crossing streams, going through mud, and crawling on logs and rocks. Located in Ellenville, New York, the 4x4 off-road park features a 75-acre mountaintop facility that offers 4x4 training, driving, and event tours. Its unique SOAR program helps people with mobility disabilities to enjoy adaptable outdoor recreational activities.

All it takes is less than a two-hour drive from New York City to get to these 68 acres of rugged, challenging, and exciting trails. NORA also teaches Overland Fundamentals classes and other public classes that greatly benefit beginner and advanced off-road users. You can go from learning the basics to navigating 26-degree slopes and finding your lines on rocks. Standard Jeeps are the winners on these trails, but other four-wheeled vehicles may need an elevation of at least 2.5 inches and tires of up to 35 inches.

Unfortunately, this is a park for midsize vehicles only, so full-size trucks or large SUVs are not allowed. The Adirondacks in central New York offer more than 20 miles of trails year-round. The oldest park in the county contains more than six square miles of rugged forest terrain, which are detailed on the free maps available at Skyline Lodge. New York's off-road trails and ATV driving spots may not be close to your favorite museums, bars, and restaurants, but they're definitely worth visiting from the city. In addition to state hunting regulations, there are special restrictions in state parks to protect visitors and ensure proper wildlife management.

Among other features, this free application allows you to locate friends anywhere in the park and track your route. All hunters must have a valid New York State hunting license and, where applicable, a federal waterfowl permit. Worth mentioning are the Albany County Railroad Trail with its leaf-covered paved roads; the Bog Meadow Brook Nature Trail in Saratoga Springs with its wetland habitats; the Champlain Canalway Trail with its serene waterways; and New York's only national recreational trail, the Zim Smith Mid-County Trail. As OHV parks become increasingly restricted, off-road vehicle laws continue to change in their context and implementation. This New York off-road park offers just about every outdoor activity imaginable from climbing steep rocks to exploring trails. Mettowee Offroad Extreme Park is considered by many as the perfect getaway if you want a bit of 4x4 action. This New York off-road trail attracts hundreds of quad bikers all year round, especially during the spring and fall events that take place every June and September.

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