Exploring Off-Road Adventures in New York

Discover offroading adventures in New York State! Explore trails & parks offering 4x4 training & driving tours for all skill levels.

Exploring Off-Road Adventures in New York

Northeast Off-Road Adventures, Inc. (NORA), established in 2001, offers a wide range of 4WD and ground training, car tours, team trips and adventure programs. You can choose between one- and two-day trips that include hiking the remote logging trails on the west side of the resort, climbing to a 3,200-foot summit, eating and spending a night in the mountains. Enjoy a full day crossing streams, going through mud and crawling on logs and rocks.

Located in Ellenville, New York, this 4×4 off-road park features a 75-acre mountaintop facility that offers 4×4 training, driving and event tours. Its unique SOAR program helps people with mobility disabilities to enjoy adaptable outdoor recreational activities. All it takes is less than a two-hour drive from New York to get to these 68 acres of rugged, challenging and exciting trails. NORA also teaches Overland Fundamentals classes and other public classes that greatly benefit beginner and advanced off-road users.

You can go from learning the basics to navigating 26-degree slopes and finding your lines on rocks. There's nowhere closer to New York where you can tackle challenging terrain and enjoy the company of other enthusiasts. Tar Hallow ATV Ride (the official name of the park) is located east of Hancock, New York, and to the north, just after the Delaware River from East Branch. This New York off-road trail attracts hundreds of quad bikers all year round, especially during the spring and fall events that take place every June and September.

The area's popularity has grown with jeep clubs such as the Long Island Off Road Club. Events like this often charge for additional drivers and passengers, and for camping. Organized group rides at Tar Hallow entertain beginners to experiment off-road. You can choose between self-guided and guided trail rides, depending on your experience and driving ability.

Standard Jeeps are the winners on these trails, but other four-wheeled vehicles may need an elevation of at least 2.5 inches and tires of up to 35 inches. Unfortunately, this is a park for midsize vehicles, so full-size trucks or large SUVs are not allowed. Leased by an all-terrain vehicle club at Greenfield Center, the NCATVA offers members access to approximately 2,042 acres of family-friendly rides with a nearly 53-mile trail of dirt, mud and compact rocks for all skill levels at four locations. This park has more than 100 miles of family-oriented, low-effort trails where off-road vehicle users can travel safely.

The entire trail system is environmentally friendly and the club takes important steps to ensure that the current state of the park is maintained. The terrain is diverse and consists of areas of mud marshes, forests, fields, railroads, bridges and small hills for climbing. All-terrain vehicles and utility machines are welcome. Worth mentioning are the Albany County Railroad Trail, with its leaf-covered paved roads, the Bog Meadow Brook Nature Trail in Saratoga Springs, with its wetland habitats, the Champlain Canalway Trail, with its serene canals, and New York's only national recreational trail - the Zim Smith Mid-County Trail.

This New York off-road park offers just about every outdoor activity imaginable - from climbing steep rocks to exploring trails - making it an ideal destination for those looking for an off-road adventure in New York State. As OHV parks become increasingly restricted, off-road vehicle laws continue to change in their context and in their implementation. Many consider Mettowee Offroad Extreme Park to be the perfect getaway if you want a bit of 4×4 action.

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